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Published By on March 26, 2010

It seems to me, that more and more people are looking for ways to reduce stress. We all know that this economy has really hit some people hard in the face, my family included. Many people are so stressed out right now that it is causing illness, panic attacks, overeating just to name a few unhealthy additions to their lives. What can one do about this added stress that is low cost and easy to do? Meditate.

I teach mantra meditation in the Metro-Detroit area and have for several years. Many of my students have been instructed by their doctors (it’s about time) to learn how to meditate or else they will have to face medication to “fix them”. Many of my students have been able to stop taking medications they were prescribed because they have been able to see positive results from their meditation practice.

Meditation is something you can do anywhere, anytime. YOU have all the tools you need to practice meditation with you at all times. All you really need is to have an instructor that can not only guide you through the process, but who can also be there to follow-up and answer questions that may arise.

If you would like more information on the classes I teach, please feel free to contact me at Keep in mind that I am in the Metro-Detroit area.

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