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Today’s Flavor of juice…

Published By on November 02, 2012

So since I got my juicer almost two weeks ago, we’ve been juicing everyday. I am hoping I keep this up for EVER, but I won’t put too much stress on myself to do so. I try to make a juice everyday for my husband and son before my son goes off to school, so around 6:30 I am preparing for juicing.

I LOVE my juicer (Omega 8006), but because it is a low RPM juicer and the chute is smaller than most, I do have to chop up the fruits and veggies to be sure they fit in the chute. I don’t mind… it is totally worth it. This morning I made the boyz (and myself) Apple, pear, carrot and cucumber…. yum-E!!! It’s so fun to put whatever you want into this lovely machine and have it crank out for you these yummy flavors.

The other day I made a lovely strawberry, raspberry and apple juice. Awesome!
If you have a juice recipe that you LOVE  – leave it in the comment area so I can try it. It’s nice to have different ideas and helps me not have to think so early in the a.m. : )

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