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New Year… New Opportunities

With each new year, we are able to create new opportunities. We can shed bad habits, negative thoughts and anything else from the previous year we do not want to carry over into this new one. As we take a moment to reflect on the past year, do so without any judgments. As you come into the new year, do so without any expectations. What I mean by this is do not look at your year past and say negative things about what you did or did not do. About what did or did not happen. All of this is in the past and we can not do anything to change the year past. What we can do, however, is take this new year and create new opportunities for ourselves in both our personal and professional lives. We can create intentions for ourselves daily, weekly, monthly, etc. without worrying about the future, just intending on the opportunities we want to create for ourselves.

A great way to prepare for our present moment (not dwelling on the past year or fretting about this new year) is to practice mindfulness. This can be done very easily by sitting in a comfortable position for 5 – 10 minutes and just noticing what is going on around you. Do this practice with your spine nice and straight. Imagine there is a string going down the spine all the way from the crown of the head to the tailbone. Imagine someone is pulling the string from the crown of the head so you are seated nice and straight with the spine, neck and head in alignment. With the hands placed in your lap or just relaxed on your thighs, start to notice what is going on around you in the space that surrounds you. In this practice, you will keep your eyes open and focused either at the tip of the nose or on the ground 5 – 6 feet in front of you. Start by noticing how you are feeling at this time and name the feeling ie: tense, happy, hungry, angry, tired, etc. Then, start to notice what is going on in the room you are in. Is the light on, is there music, is it hot, cold, what noises are you hearing? Just observe all of this. When your mind starts to wander, come back to noticing the room and the sights and sounds of it. If you can practice this for a few minutes each day, this will be one more tool you have that will help you to be in the present moment more often than you currently are.

This New Year can offer you so many opportunities. Come into each day as if it’s the first day you have lived and with no expectations. Enjoy this New Year and I hope it brings you happiness, good health and prosperity and peace to our planet.


Slow Food Movement

There is a lot of talk about slowing down when eating. Not only does it help you to lose weight (as it takes your brain 20 minutes to feel like you’re full), but it also helps us to practice mindfulness. In the meditation  classes I teach, we practice eating something very slowly to really observe everything about the food that we are eating – from the initial smell of the food, to the texture of the food and of course the taste of the food.

This week on Dr. Andrew Weil’s newsletter, he gives us a little more insight to the Slow Food Movement.  I have posted it here…

The Slow Food Movement – which started in Italy in the 1980s – encourages people to slow the pace of life in order to truly savor not only foods and beverages, but the pleasure of eating, the companionship of friends and family sitting around the table, and enjoying the company of others. Traditional foods that are fresh, made from local ingredients, and served during leisurely meals are the focus of this movement. From a health perspective, this philosophy is a much-needed departure from “fast foods” which are designed to be eaten on the run and are often made of highly processed ingredients. If you want to follow the philosophy of the Slow Food Movement, start by shopping for fresh, organically grown local produce and baked goods at farmers’ markets; patronize restaurants that specialize in local or regional foods; and keep family traditions alive. Think about the foods your grandparents prepared for holidays or family gatherings, and try to replicate what you can.

If you want to learn more about the Slow Food Movement USA, click here.
Remember, slow down, enjoy and live in the moment!

Today’s Flavor of juice…

So since I got my juicer almost two weeks ago, we’ve been juicing everyday. I am hoping I keep this up for EVER, but I won’t put too much stress on myself to do so. I try to make a juice everyday for my husband and son before my son goes off to school, so around 6:30 I am preparing for juicing.

I LOVE my juicer (Omega 8006), but because it is a low RPM juicer and the chute is smaller than most, I do have to chop up the fruits and veggies to be sure they fit in the chute. I don’t mind… it is totally worth it. This morning I made the boyz (and myself) Apple, pear, carrot and cucumber…. yum-E!!! It’s so fun to put whatever you want into this lovely machine and have it crank out for you these yummy flavors.

The other day I made a lovely strawberry, raspberry and apple juice. Awesome!
If you have a juice recipe that you LOVE  – leave it in the comment area so I can try it. It’s nice to have different ideas and helps me not have to think so early in the a.m. : )

Juicing – my new way to eat…

So… after many years of debating whether to get a juicer or not, I have decided to get one. This idea was affirmed when recently a friend of mine went to the Gerson Institute in Mexico. He is healing from cancer and the Gerson therapy he is following is working. He is healing! He is looking great and his wife (who was his companion to the Gerson Institute) is also looking good from following part of his therapy.

I will not be juicing 13 juices per day like my friend has to, among the many other things he has to do daily, but I will be juicing daily for myself and my family. In doing so, I know we will all be getting all the available nutrients from the fruits and veggies we eat. By juicing, we will be able to get all the nutrients availalbe in the fruits and vegetables that cannot be chewed, but can be juiced.

Doing some research, I had narrowed it down to either a Breville Juice Fountain Elite or the Omega VRT350HD. I have decided to purchase the later as it is a slow juicer, processing at 80- RPM’s (as compared to 13,500 RPM’s) so it will not destroy any of the healthy enzymes or allow the juice to degrade after it is extracted. It also expels a drier pulp which ensures me I am getting the most from the products I will be juicing. This helps me to get the most from the money I spend on my produce as well.

I am fortunate not to be healing from any disease and would like to prevent any disease from happening, which is why I am buying a juicer. I will try to post recipes and updates so if you’re interested or have any ideas, reply or post as well.

Here’s to good health…


It’s fall and that means it is time for World Vegetarian Day and Vegetarian Awareness Month! Monday, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. If you could go meatless for this one day, along with lots of other people, it would be very meaningful to the life of many animals. It may help you to create a new habit with this one day of awareness. It could end up saving (or prolonging) your life. It would be a better thing overall for the planet. You may find you really LIKE vegetables!

So to get started…. check out this link

Come to our FREE discussion group on Sunday, October 7th from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. at The Bodhi Seed Yoga and Wellness Studio in downtown Mt. Clemens. We will have lots of information and even have you sampling some yummy side dishes that’ll make you wanna go VEG!. Although this is a free event, monetary donations will be accepted and given to the Soup Kitchen at Grace Episcopal Church in downtown Mt. Clemens.

For great recipes and ideas on how to eat veg everyday and make meals in a hurry, check out

Go to this link online to make a pledge to go vegetarian and you can win prizes!!!

GO VEG!!! Your animal friends will thank you!

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