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Spring Cleaning

Springtime… it is a beautiful time of year! Everything is so fresh and new… it feels like everything is reawakened and rejuvenated. It makes us want to start fresh. That may be why many of us take this time to clean out our closet, attic or garage. This spring, you may want to consider a little spring cleaning for your body, mind and spirit as well. A safe, spring detox is a great way to move the stale energy that’s in you as well as releasing any toxins. There are many different types of spring detox cleanses to consider, but I would never recommend you cleanse specifically  for weight loss (although, sometimes that’s just an extra bonus from a cleanse!)

If you practice yoga, this is a great time to continue with your practice and add some twists to your practice. Twists actually massage your internal organs which will help to loosen the toxins within you. You’ll also want to drink plenty of clean, filtered water after your practice which will help flush the toxins out of your system.

Another wonderful way to help move the stagnant energy within you is to come to standing with your feel about shoulder width apart. Inhale your arms up over head. As you exhale, start to fold forward as you bend the knees and the arms swing down and up behind you. On your next inhale, come back to standing as you straighten your legs and bring the arms up overhead. Repeat this breath-work for 10 more rounds. You will feel invigorated and it really will help move the stale energy within you.

Check out the many different seasonal fruits and vegetables that are so fresh and perfect for you to eat right now. Here is a link to a wonderful asparagus frittata, a big hit for your family on Easter or Mother’s Day!

I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy the beauty around you and are able to truly live in the season upon us.



Happy Spring

Take time to notice the beauty around you. Notice how green the grass is. Notice all the budding trees and the flowers starting to bloom. And then… realize it’s only March! Take advantage and get your yoga on outside!


Yin Yoga & Massage Workshop

Check it out… we have a wonderful Yin Yoga & Massage Workshop coming up on April 2nd. Yin poses help  you to open the connective tissue and work especially the hips and pelvic area. Yin poses are typically held for 3 – 5 minutes and while in your pose, you will be gently massaged to help enhance this wonderful practice. Click here to view flyer… Space is limited… so register on our events page or contact Jasmin at (586) 201-0781.


Hatha Yoga at the Fraser Activity Center

There’s a new beginner to intermediate Hatha Yoga series starting up at the Fraser Activity Center. The series starts on Monday, June 18th and will run through September 17th (no classes on Monday, July 2nd or Monday, September 3rd). Enjoy 10-session of yoga during this 12-week period for $100.00. Not ready to commit to an entire series… that’s OK, walk-in’s are welcome for $11.00 per session. For additional information, check out the Yoga Page!

Just Breathe

A lot has been talked about lately regarding breathing. Actually, it’s been talked about for thousands of years, but just now people are paying attention. Breath work (or as it’s referred to in the practice of yoga – pranayama) has been something that many societies have been practicing consciously for centuries. What doctors and scientists are just now learning is that you can do a lot with your breath.

Without getting into too much detail, your breath can control your nervous system – calming it or revving it up, depending on the breath work you’re practicing. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, almost always your guide (or teacher) will start you off in the class by connecting with your breath this helps to center you and and calms you down. In a high energy yoga class such as Kundilini, your teacher will lead you with “Breath of Fire” which is a high energy breath and can generate heat within you – thus allowing you to be ready for a higher energy practice.

Using breath work in your everyday life is a recommendation that many in the medical field are finally making to their patients. Often times a more integrative doctor will ask someone to learn how to meditate or focus on their breath before they recommend any medications for some of their patients who have mild anxiety, whereas just a few years ago, a script would have been the answer.

Breathing seems so easy and natural, and it is. When we first come into this world, we breathe just fine – inhales inflating the belly and exhales compressing it. But as we age and let little things pile up on us, we become more anxious, more stressed and we are too busy to breathe. We actually hold our breath! We end up breathing these short, shallow breaths which can impair our body’s functionality. We don’t get the proper amount of oxygen into our bodies and thus we are not properly oxygenating our brains or vital organs. Many feel this is why we end up with disease or memory loss.

Take a moment right now to notice your breath – place one hand on the lower belly – feel if it’s expanding as you inhale and compressing as you exhale. Place the other hand on your heart. Do you feel the rise and fall of your chest. Work on this breathing technique every day until you can notice the belly rise on the inhale and compress on the exhale. Take a few minutes a day to center yourself and to help calm down your nervous system. Take a few minutes to just breathe.

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