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Affirmation for today…

You are a bright and shining light. You are able to attract what you want in your life – just keep that shining light within you.

Giving Thanks

We get so caught up in what we are doing or what we need to do or what we didn’t do, that we can forget to be thankful for what we have in our lives. We sometimes confuse our wants for our needs. I need an iPad… I need a new dress for the party. Are these really needs? Could we get along with the computer we already have? Could we repurpose a dress from our closet to wear to this one night event? I was on the GAAD and went an entire year without buying clothes. That’s when I realized how much stuff was in my closet that I never wore and quite frankly didn’t even know I owned!
Sometimes we want, desire or crave things in our lives and that’s OK. It’s good to want, desire and crave. That’s what keeps us going, something to look forward to, something to strive for. Craving can be an important feeling for us to have in our lives. I think, however, its more important to realize what you already have and to be thankful for that! We should take a step back and look and the differences between our wants and our needs and realize that what we have, may be enough for us.
Joni Mitchell says “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone?” And how true is that? When we whine and moan about what we don’t have, it’s really just taking away from what we do have. Most of us have a nice, clean and safe home to live in. Most of us have food on the table and clean clothing to wear each day. Isn’t this what we should reflect on, be grateful for and give thanks for?
It’s nice that we reflect each year at this time and think of all that we have to be thankful for, but wouldn’t it be better for us, for our families for the universe if we stopped and made that reflection on a daily basis? Giving thanks everyday for what we have is part of our growing process.
I hope at this time of the year and for the entire year each and every one of you is able to look inside yourself and realize all that you have to be thankful for and take the opportunity each and every day to be thankful. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Fall Back (into your routine)

This is a wonderful time of year here in Michigan. You can feel the fall weather rushing into our lives. And although we may still have a day or two where it’s hotter than we want it to be, the sun is lower, the days are shorter and fall is in the air.

Fall is when the kids go back to school and we can get on with our lives. In a way, it’s almost like the start of a new year for us. As we send our kids back to school and get our own routine back in order, I ask that you evaluate what you have going on in your life and what you’d like to do to improve it. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to get back into your exercise routine or your daily yoga and meditation practice. I invite you to challenge yourself to do these things. Not only will it make you a happier and healthier person, but it will have a positive effect on the people around you because of this.
Each morning when you wake up, sneak in a few Sun Salutations, sneak in a 2 – 5 minute silent meditation and set your intention for the day and continue to recite it in your head throughout the day. In the evening before you go to sleep, slip in a couple of Cat Cows to relax your body and have a “Coffee Meditation” where you just sit back and reflect on your day. Don’t dwell on the negative things that happened or on what you didn’t accomplish, instead praise yourself for all the wonderful things that happened in your day listing at least 3 of them. Continue this regimen each day until it becomes a part of your daily routine. Perhaps you’ll find yourself waking up a little earlier so you can fit in a few more asanas and add a couple more minutes to your meditation each day.
As the fall weather comes into full force, you’ll realize how much you missed your routine and how easy it is to fall back into it.

Releasing what no longer serves you

It’s difficult sometimes to let go of things. Whether it’s a relationship, personal possessions, etc., it can be very difficult. We sometimes can’t let go of things because we’re afraid of the change it may bring on. What we forget about is that holding on to things that no longer serve us does not allow the wonderful changes that are waiting to come into our lives. These are changes that we need – opportunities that are only able to come upon us when we let go of things. For every old thing we let go of, we are allowing a new opportunity into our life.

Try sitting quietly with no disturbances. Close your eyes and be comfortable. Take a deep inhalation and visualize new fresh opportunities coming into your life. On each exhalation, visualize all the old, stagnant items you’re holding onto leaving your body. Continue this breath work as you continue with the next visualization exercise.

Visualize the things in your life that you’re holding on to that no longer serve you. Watch each of these items go into a large balloon that you are holding onto. Watch each item go into the balloon. Watch the balloon expand as it fills up with all these items. Once you’ve filled the balloon as much as you want to, tie it so all these items stay inside the balloon. Now let the balloon go…. watch it float away with all the items you put inside of it. Come back to your breath, deep inhalations and exhalations as you bring your awareness back to yourself sitting in your comfortable spot.

Practice this anytime you feel like you need to release what no longer serves you. Do not be afraid of change, welcome the new opportunities change will bring into your life.


Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my husband’s birthday. He’s 48! Finally… catching up to me. Almost 20 years ago I met him at a public radio, outdoor music festival where I bravely walked up to him and asked him for his name and phone number. Of course he thought I was high and I thought he gave me a fake name because he rattled off some Italian long-ass name that I just figured was fake. Turns out, I was not high, just assertive and he did not give me a fake name, he is actually Italian!

I never imagined that on that day, the day I wasn’t even going to go to the festival and then at the very last minute decided to go – who ever thought I would have met the man that 20 years later I would be sharing reading glasses with. We’ve had such a wonderful time (and some not so great times) over the past 20 years and I wouldn’t trade one minute away.
Of course it’s really about his birthday and I am happy to say he is outside right now in the 50 degree, misty, already drenched ground golfing with one of his best friends, so I know he’s in his glory and doing what he loves most.
Happy Birthday Honey – and I hope you have many, many more!
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