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Releasing what no longer serves you

It’s difficult sometimes to let go of things. Whether it’s a relationship, personal possessions, etc., it can be very difficult. We sometimes can’t let go of things because we’re afraid of the change it may bring on. What we forget about is that holding on to things that no longer serve us does not allow the wonderful changes that are waiting to come into our lives. These are changes that we need – opportunities that are only able to come upon us when we let go of things. For every old thing we let go of, we are allowing a new opportunity into our life.

Try sitting quietly with no disturbances. Close your eyes and be comfortable. Take a deep inhalation and visualize new fresh opportunities coming into your life. On each exhalation, visualize all the old, stagnant items you’re holding onto leaving your body. Continue this breath work as you continue with the next visualization exercise.

Visualize the things in your life that you’re holding on to that no longer serve you. Watch each of these items go into a large balloon that you are holding onto. Watch each item go into the balloon. Watch the balloon expand as it fills up with all these items. Once you’ve filled the balloon as much as you want to, tie it so all these items stay inside the balloon. Now let the balloon go…. watch it float away with all the items you put inside of it. Come back to your breath, deep inhalations and exhalations as you bring your awareness back to yourself sitting in your comfortable spot.

Practice this anytime you feel like you need to release what no longer serves you. Do not be afraid of change, welcome the new opportunities change will bring into your life.


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