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Yoga enhances the awareness of the body and breath and can help you to develop a state of mental calm and emotional stability.  Yoga not only helps to lengthen and strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, it is also one of the only things you can do for yourself that will work the outside and inside of your body. Yoga will help to massage your internal organs allowing them to release toxins and help keep you healthier inside and out.

We offer many different levels of yoga to suit most people. The classes we offer are wonderful for anyone who would like to reduce mental and physical stress. Each class will begin with breath-work as we center ourselves and will end with a relaxation mediation. Please wear comfortable clothing and if attending a mat yoga class, please bring a yoga mat. Feel free to bring any yoga props you feel comfortable with such as a yoga block, strap or a hand towel. For mat classes, it is best to work in bare feet.

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Class Preparation

• As you prepare to come to your yoga class, be sure to bring with you a yoga sticky  mat. This will not only help you to commit to a regular practice, it will help to assure your ease through your practice.
• Refrain from eating or drinking right before a class. Feel free to bring water to your practice though.
• Wear comfortable yet fitted clothing. Nothing restrictive, however, you don’t want oversized clothing to come over your head if you bend forward. Also, be prepared to work in bare feet or socks.
• Try to arrive about 10 minutes before your class time and turn off or silent your cell phone.
• Please refrain from wearing perfumes to class. Some fragrances can be overwhelming to people with sensitivities.
• Don’t worry about your yoga – it is perfect!
• If you have never been to one of our classes, please print out this waiver and bring it with you to class.

Hatha Yoga for Beginner to Intermediate Students

Please join us for mixed level yoga for beginner and intermediate students. We will practice stretching which will help tone and strengthen the body. The physical postures we practice will help to improve your circulation, flexibility, stamina and balance all while centering and connecting the body, mind, and breath. The breath work we will practice will help to reduce stress and anxiety.


New 10-week Yoga Series starts on Wednesday, February 4th, 2019. No make-ups or refunds for any missed classes in this series. Can’t commit to an entire series? Feel free to walk-in at $11 per session.

Fraser Activity Center is located at 34935 Hidden Pine Dr. Fraser, MI 48026
Call (586) 296-8483 to register.


New 10-week Yoga Series starts on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019. No make-ups or refunds for any missed classes in this series. Can’t commit to an entire series? Feel free to walk-in at $11 per session.

NOW you can register for your yoga series online using a Visa or MasterCard through PayPal. To register, please visit our events page.

Center for the Healing Arts is located at Spirit Forge Complex 38245 Mound Rd. Sterling Heights, 48310
This is between 16 & 17 mile roads, on the west side of Mound.

Gentle Yoga for Seniors

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This class is especially for seniors and less flexible beginners over 55. These gentle stretching exercises inspire and support increased vitality, strength and flexibility. Although we work on the mat, we will use props to help keep this class gentle. Please bring a yoga mat and be prepared to work in bare feet. 
Classes are on Tuesday’s from 2 – 3:00 p.m. at the Walsh Center at 17 Mile and Dodge Park in Sterling Heights.  For additional information or to register please call at (586) 797-6900 

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This is a wonderful way for everyone to experience the benefits of yoga, especially if you face some mobility challenges. The poses are done while you sit in a chair so the pelvis and hips are stabilized, enabling easier movement of the torso and arms. From this stable seat, modifications of many common yoga poses can be done without fear of injury or strain. These poses can bring mobility to all parts of the body in a safe and gentle way, help to clear the mind and relax the body. We start each class with breathing exercises and end it with a relaxation meditation and a shoulder massage.

Chair Yoga is offered at the following venues…

Fraser Senior Center – Tuesday’s 11 a.m. Cost is $26 for a 6-week series or $7 to walk-in. Call (586)296-8483
First United Methodist Church – Thursday’s 11 a.m. Cost is $24 for a 6-week series or $6 to walk in. Call (586)468-6464



Feel free to contact Jasmin Cromwell with any questions or for additional information at (586) 201-0781 or email her at

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